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Coex Studios is a London based audio production company delivering cutting-edge sound design, entertainment podcasts and immersive audio drama.


The first original production from Coex is ‘Coexistence’, a 15 episode drama that sets a new bar in dynamic audio, rating as the #1 Science Fiction show on Apple Podcasts in the UK.

Coexistence is a short-form, cinematic, sci-fi audio drama. The production stars a full international cast, featuring fresh talent from the UK, Russia and the USA.


Inspired to tell a modern story set in a rich and ever-expanding audio-verse, Coexistence uses the audio medium to explore themes such as environmental degradation, technological determinism, and humanity’s place in our unexplored universe – offering listeners an exhilarating, immersive audio drama experience.

Drama Submissions

Coex welcomes new script submissions.


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